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Ink Fish by Scarlet Colley

The Ink fish, the sea hare, the sea slug, the aplaysia, all one creature and one that makes its appearance now for many too observe. We are seeing them from our boating tours, some see them as they gaze to the water from the shoreline or boat docks or the fishing piers and some see them washed ashore. Once the sea hare is on shore it lays there just a glob, oozing purple ink. The ink will not hurt you but the sea hare does use it for defense when being pursued as a meal. And you wonder what would eat that unchewable gummy bear? A cow nosed ray will. They will make a meal of it with no problems. I often have wondered if the dolphins interact with them or maybe use them as chewing gum! One day alpha male Frosty actually brought one up in his mouth right in front of our boat and made it ink by twicking it with his teeth. Pretty neat to see.
The ink fish are on display at the Sealife Center and range in size from baby ones to large adults. They move along like sea cows and graze on greens. They have tiny pin point dots for eyes and just barely remnants of a shell left which they have evolved away from. They are beautiful to look at up close as they remind me of a starry night. They have a simple nervous system which has prompted studies by various universities.
When you find these blobby sea creatures lying on the beach, it is better to put them in a bucket and bring them to the sealife center or release them on the bay side from a dock. They can not swim back out the surf against the waves and will just rewash ashore.
The life of the inkfish is spent mostly swimming and grazing and laying eggs. At the end of the summer after they have layed millions of strands of eggs they simply disappear perhaps clinging down in the grasses no longer having the urge to swim around to meet mates. They look like angels swimming along in the bay and we always are reminded of the season when they appear. Summer is here

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Sea Turtle, Inc. South Padre Island Texas Sea Turtle Conservation Education and Rescue Center.

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